LilyTronics is a Dutch electronics engineering agency located in Geleen, The Netherlands. LilyTronics is founded in July 2020. LilyTronics is specialized in electronics engineering, schematics and PCB/PCA (Printed Circuit Board, Printed Circuit Assembly) design. Projects range from simple analog and digital systems to more advanced embedded systems. Most projects are in the field of, but not limited to: IoT (Internet of Things), process control and automation, data logging, data transmission, robotics.

Profile picture

The man behind LilyTronics is Danny van der Pol. Before starting his own company, Danny worked as an electronic engineer and also as a test engineer for many years.

In his childhood Danny started experimenting with electronics at home. In January 2000 Danny graduated and received his Bachelor of Science (BSc) in electronics engineering.

Next to electronics engineering, Danny also has great Python programming and embedded programming skills.

In his free time, Danny practice Aikido. A Japanese martial art. Aikido is focused on non-competitive training, where you pursue mental improvement and inner strength, rather than testing one’s strength against others.

“The way of Aikido is how we should move through life. Not testing one’s strength against others. No competition, no ego. Work together to improve your life, your environment and eventually improve the world.”