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  • KiCad Electronic Simulation
    In a previous post about KiCad we briefly discussed all parts of the software for designing a PCB. What we did not mentioned is that KiCad is also able to do electronics simulations. KiCad is using the ngspice engine for simulation. This is an open source SPICE simulation engine. This …

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  • KiCad PCB design software
    The PCB design software is the heart of the engineering process. All the PCBs will be designed with this software. The ease of use will determine how fast you can design a PCB. In this topic we will have a look at KiCad. This PCB design software stands out above …

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  • Prototype of first product arrived
    After many weeks designing and manufacturing we are proud to have the prototype of our first product. We are now in the phase of testing and preparing to launch our first product in our webshop. Stay connected with us to get the latest updates.
  • LilyTronics Founded
    On July 8th 2020, LilyTronics was registered in the Dutch Chamber of Commerce (KvK) by Danny van der Pol.


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