This page shows a couple of our references. We cannot show all projects due to copyright reasons and customer permissions.

Arduino Breadboard Interface

With this board you can turn a breadboard into an Arduino Uno. Put the board in a breadboard add some additional components and start coding.

The board is equipped with a USB to serial converter for programming and communication. The board is completely USB powered and has a current limit.

There are several LEDs on the board for power status and TX and RX activity.

This board is a dual layer board with most components on the top side. Only the connectors for the breadboard are located at the bottom side. The dimensions of the board are 55 x 29 mm.

This product is available in our shop. You can buy the board only or a complete kit including the additional components for building a Arduino Uno.

The board: Arduino Breadboard Interface

The kit: Arduino Breadboard Kit

(September 2021)

USB to RS485 converter

This is a small project. A USB powered USB to RS485 converter. Including 2-wire / 4-wire selection, echo on/off and termination on/off. Two LEDs shows the activity on the TX and RX lines.

The board is a dual layer board with all components on the top side. The dimensions of the board are 40 x 25 mm.

(February 2021)

Xilinx Spartan 6 development board

This project is a development board for the Xilinx Spartan 6 FPGA. It features the XC6SLX9 in a 256 balls BGA. All IO pins are routed to 2mm pitch pin headers.

The board can be powered from 5V to 12V DC. It has a polarity protection on the DC input. Locally the core voltages are created.

An USB to JTAG interface is included using the FT232H and is compatible with most FPGA programming software.

It’s a 6 layer board with 3 signal layers, 2 ground layers and 1 power supply / ground layer. Most components are located on the top side. The bottom side contains the decoupling capacitors for the FPGA. The dimensions of the board are 76 x 105 mm.

(October 2020)