Electronics Design

We offer a full electronics design service. We take care of the process for creating the schematics, the printed circuit board lay-out (PCB) and all the required information for having your design manufactured. This includes Gerber files, bill of materials and placement information.

You will get a high quality design that is ready for manufacturing. You will get full ownership of the design and you will receive all the files to make sure you can do future maintenance on your design. Of course you can also choose to let us do the future maintenance.

We design all projects with KiCad. This is open source and free design software. This means you do not need to buy expensive design software to do maintenance on your project. But on request we can design in the software of your choice.


We offer a consultancy service to help you with your electronics systems project. We can help you going through all kind of obstacles you may encounter. We take into account aspects like: quality, testability, costs and manufacturing optimalisation.

We can also consult you in optimizing the manufacturing process. This can help you increase the quality of your product as well as lower the cost price.

We also offer design reviews. We can review your design at any stage. Because we are new to your design we look at your design from a different perspective.

Project Management

We offer a project management service. We handle the project management side for you. We keep track of the time line and milestones that needs to be achieved.

As a designer you want to put your full attention to the design. This way you can have full focus on your design.

We also keep contact with suppliers, manufacturers and other parties involved with your design. We make sure all parties get the information they need on time, so your project can run smoothly.

LilyTronics is an electronics engineering agency located in the Netherlands. We have over 20 years of experience in electronics engineering.

You can contact us by using the information below or use the contact form. We will respond to you within 2 workdays.

Danny van der Pol
Electronics design engineer and consultant

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